Flatbed trucks are a common sight on highways and roads, transporting a wide range of goods from building materials to heavy machinery. They are a versatile type of truck that offers many advantages, but also has its share of disadvantages.

Flatbeds can be different sizes depending on the trailer it carries, 53ft ro 48ft are the most common trailer for Flatbed trucks. It can carry from 40000lbs to 70000lbs depending on the SEMI type. That being said it is just a Power Only with a Trailer.One of the biggest advantages of flatbed trucks is their versatility. They can carry a wide range of cargo, from large machinery to oversized loads. Unlike enclosed trucks, flatbeds are open and allow for easier loading and unloading of goods. This makes them ideal for transporting heavy and awkwardly shaped items, such as construction materials and equipment.

How we dispatch Flatbed.

Dispatching flatbed trucks requires careful planning and coordination. We always consider the size and weight of the cargo, the distance of the transport, and any potential hazards or obstacles along the route so that you can be safe and reach your goals with us.

Flatbed trucks offer a wide range of benefits, including their versatility, ease of access, and increased safety. However, they also have their share of disadvantages, including their lack of security and limited capacity. Dispatching flatbed trucks requires careful planning and coordination to ensure that the cargo is transported safely and efficiently. Despite their drawbacks, flatbed trucks remain a popular choice for transporting oversized and heavy loads, and they are an essential part of the logistics industry.

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